Watch me, artist, Brea Moser, create a glass art hollow lampwork bead

Watch this to see Brea making a hollow glass bead using her special technique, to create a glass bead treasure!

Click this to watch the video

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These beads can be used in bold and beautiful jewelry, as small ornaments and as focal pieces on a necklace. Each specialty hollow bead is hand crafted by me, in my own studio, in Michigan! Come take a look to see and appreciate the skill it takes to create lampwork beads.

Thank you for looking!

Specialty holiday custom orders are complete!!!!!

I have completed all of my custom orders for 2011 and ready to start some AWESOME new jewelry designs for 2012!!!!! I have so many wonderful and fresh ideas all ready stirring up in my head. My creative juices are flowing freely and my Muse is getting anxious to create some beautiful and exciting new custom jewelry designs to ring in the new year.

I want to wish all of my wonderful friends, family and customers for all of your very greatly appreciated support and happiness for my success this last year. I have come a long way in 2011 and I am thankful for all your help in getting me where I am today! Have a beautiful and safe holiday and i will see you in 2012!!!!!

Warmest wishes,
Brea xoxoxoxo
Enter The Flame Studios

First Annual Holiday Jewelry Party

Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend quality time with your friends and family….making lifelong memories and filling your hearts with love and happiness! It amazes me that it is almost Christmas and shopping for gifts must commence very very soon. Erik (my Fiance’ and I are THE WORLDS MOST NOTORIOUS PROCRASTONATORS….we always wait until the very week of Christmas to shop for all 5 of our children and the rest of our family and friends!!!!! We are terrible about this, so, I have told myself that this year we are not going to do our shopping at the last minute….we will see how that goes ūüôā

For all of my smart shopper friends, family and clients, I have been busy creating several orders for their gift purchases. And after many requests, I have decided to have my First Annual Holiday Jewelry Show. It is going to take place on Saturday, December 3rd, at my home, from 6:00pm – 9:30pm. I will have many pieces of jewelry available to view and purchase. And will also be taking custom orders if there is something special that you would like created that either isn’t at the show, or you want to change the design, colors, size, etc. What I am also going to do, is as you are all there shopping, I am going to leave all the pieces on the display, until the end of the night, even if you have purchased something, because there are going to be a few people coming later and they want to be able to see all the jewelry that i have there. So, once you purchase your specialty piece, I will leave it on the display, for others to see, touch, try on, etc, and then when the party is over, or if you leave early, then you will take your new piece of fabulous jewelry! That way, if something has sold, everyone can still look at it and place a custom order for something similar.

I will also be taking custom orders that evening, for any piece of jewelry, so if there is something that you have been wanting, we can work together right there, at the show, to design it for you. I will have my sketch book and can even draw up some rough draft designs so we can have an idea of the exact specialty piece of wearable studio art jewelry that you want custom made.

I am extremely excited for the party and can not wait to see everyone.Please feel free to bring friends and family…I will have snacks, wine, beer, and will even have a place for the “boys” to play while you ladies browse and we chat and mingle. Erik will be there and we have a pool table and a kegerator for the men to enjoy ūüôā It will be a very nice, relaxing, fun filled night!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will hopefully see you next Saturday!
Many warm wishes,

Gifts of Handmade Art Jewelry for the Holidays

Happy Wednesday!!!! As we all know, the holidays are creeping up on us faster that I would like and before we know it, we will be celebrating with friends and family and going to gatherings for work, school, etc. Not only is this a time of great CHAOS in my life, but it is a very busy part of my custom jewelry order season.

I have created countless custom pieces of jewelry for the holidays and I always find myself working up until the very last moment, to make sure that every order has been fulfilled and is 100% perfect. SO…This year, I have decided to use my “head” and make a “LAST DAY TO PLACE A CUSTOM ORDER” date.

"Woodgrain" Sterling Silver Band Ring

I will take custom orders up until DECEMBER 9th and after that, I will no longer be able to take specialty orders for custom pieces of jewelry. Not only does this save me quite a bit of sanity, but it also helps YOU because that way you do not wait until the last-minute to decide that you want me to make this elaborate piece of jewelry for your friend or loved one….two days before Christmas eve! ūüėČ

I will obviously have many pieces available¬†for purchase on my websites, so if you are the last-minute¬†shopper (like me) then¬†you still will be able to purchase an item from me, it just wont be able to be customized. SO….Get your holiday orders in my dear clients! You may email me at with all your grand desires and we will start right away, to work on your special design!

I wish all of you a FABULOUSLY wonderful Thanksgiving….

Warmest Wishes,


"The Fall" Leaf Earrings

Handmade Sterling Silver & Copper Jewelry

Hello and welcome to my new blog! My idea for this online journal is to share with my customers, friends and visitors, my thoughts, dreams, desires, creative process and all of my specialty studio jewelry designs!

If you do¬†not know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Brea and I am an artist. I am a metalsmith, glass artist, jewelry designer and the “creative director” behind Enter The Flame Studios. I have been making one of a kind custom jewelry for almost 15 years now!!! WOW…How time flies by. I started on this quest when my youngest of three, was just a baby. I have always enjoyed creating art…drawing, painting, sewing, crafts, etc…but there was something about those tiny little sparkling beads that drew me into their world.

The first jewelry that I made was created with little tiny seed beads, a needle, and stretchy thread. I made many little necklaces and bracelets and my friends and family loved them. As time went on, I discovered other natural stone beads, swarovski crystals and anything else I could get my hands on,¬†and started incorporating them into my “designs”. One day, I was searching on eBay for unique beads and I discovered these lampwork beads!?!?! What were these amazing little treasures? Why were they so very expensive? I had so many questions and started to do some research! This was long before Pandora, Troll,¬†¬†and all the chinese factory made “bead boom”. These beads that I fell in love with, were created my REAL artists!!!! So, I purchased a few sets…ones that I could afford…and was amazed by their beauty and unique design elements!

Me, being the “super woman” who I think I am, said to myself…”I CAN MAKE THESE!!!!!” So I went to a little store, in Rockford Michigan, called Eric’s Stained Glass” and I took a class on how to make lampwork beads! I was amazed by the skill of the teacher and how much was involved in making these tiny little beads. I walked out of that class on that Saturday afternoon, arms full of all the equipment to go home and set up a little “lampworking studio” and teach myself how to make them myself! That was 8 years ago!

About a year later, I was bored with using all the same components and findings that every other “jewelry designer” was using, that I knew…so I started to work with metal. I fell in love INSTANTLY!!! I took a class at Kendall College of Art and Design, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so that I could learn the properties of copper, silver, brass and gold, and so I could be tought how to solder and use the equipments necessary to be a metalsmith and a silversmith. I was addicted…

SILVER RUFFLES - Hand Forged Fold Formed Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Today, after all the hard work and the trials and errors of teaching myself from books and online resources, I consider myself a true artist. My work is defined by its feminine beauty, its raw nature, its organic appeal and the fact that it is unique from most silversmith, metalsmith, lampwork artists and designers. I pride myself in its quality and one of a kind design elements.

All of the center pieces in my work are glass cabochons that I create myself. I do not purchase any other glass artists’ work or use natural center stone cabochons in my work. That is a huge reason that my work stands apart from everyone elses work. There are never two pieces of my wearable art jewelry that are alike and that makes my work more coveted and desired by those who love unique pieces of specialty jewelry and art jewelry collectors.

RESERVED-MIDNIGHTS BLOOM - Handmade Sterling, Copper & Art Glass Lampwork Cabochon Pendant Necklace

So, after all the time and after all the cuts, burns, dirty fingers (my hands certainly do not look clean and manicured) I am honored to have my jewelry located not only on my websites, but in 13 different Fine Art Galleries and high-end Boutiques across the United States. I am proud of my work and nothing makes me happier, that to sell a piece of work to someone who is “called” to it, or¬†to create a custom order for someone for their wedding, special occasion, gifts, or just as a treat for themselves.¬†There is a place for everything and everyone in this world…including my art jewelry.

While you are here, please sign up for my newsletters and subscribe to this journal, to learn more about my work, see new pieces, watch videos of me actually creating and to receive special discounts or sale information.

Warmest Wishes of happiness, joy and peace…